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Company Name:

Hangzhou Bayee Chemical Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Yuanyuan Import & Export Co., Ltd. (Sister Company)

Add.: No.480, Jiiangnan Great Road, Bingjiang District, Hangzhou, China 310052


Company Social Credit Code: 91330108759549090L

Dangerous Cargo Certificate No.: 06002608

Export Right Certificate No.: 01415668

Tax records: A

Credit records: A

One of the TOP 300 E-commerce companies in Hangzhou city


For any product inquires, please contact:

Ms. Rachel Hoo (Business Manager)

T: +86-571-85775917(direct) , or +86-18605816692 (Mobile)

Skype: rachelhoo153

Wechat: huying153

QQ: 1021329106


For logistic, documents, please contact:

Ms. Nicole Lin (Logistic Manager)

T: +86-571-85775160 (direct) , or +86-18605816692 (Mobile)

QQ: 837694177


For any other services, information, please contact:



No.480, Jiangnan Great Road, Bingjiang District, Hangzhou, China 310052 TEL:+86-18605816692 Fax:0519-88112807